【ASMR】Slime Cutting Sounds スライムを切る音特集!【音フェチ】
【ASMR】Slime Cutting Sounds スライムを切る音特集!【音フェチ】

〔 1080pまで解像度を上げてお楽しみ下さい。 〕

Hi guys 🙂
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My name is One-Co Soba, and I’m a Japanese ASMRtist. (Btw, my name ‘ONE-CO SOBA(WANKOSOBA)” is derived from traditional type of Soba noodles in Japan!)
On my channel, I’m uploading various kinds of videos about ASMR.
So, if you’re interested in Japan, please check those videos as well 🙂

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WORK(business inquiries):  karikariimokenpi@gmail.com
Address :Akasaka Middotaun.tawa(28-kai),Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 107-6228 Japan 

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