Everything You Need to Know About Social Media Marketing

We are living in the Information age where the whole idea of marketing had turned to social media marketing. When you sign up with Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you catch up with friends and acquaintances, almost immediately. You are also able to grab instant attention for yourself at the digitized world. You also realize the fact that the globe is shrinking and the world is getting closer to you. This is the very same trend that is used in the business world to promote brands.

We are going to have a look at the top trends to be followed and achieve the best in the social media marketing;

i) Live streaming videos

Facebook has now come up with the latest trend for you to gather momentum, at a faster pace. This particular trend is live streaming videos. You can capture a live moment using the inbuilt tools provided to you via facebook. This way, you can reach out to your target audiences, almost instantly.

G. Winchester is a seo consultant and social media expert and runs the marketing for numerous companies including Radiator Outlet and this botox orland park clinic notes “You can use this particular technique to promote a product, service or a value-added business online. With the authentic, unfiltered content, procured via live streaming videos, you can create the right kind of trust and credibility and be at the top in the game of social media marketing.”

ii) Chat-bots provide access to live messaging:

This is a robot kind of service, that works in parlance with targeted keywords, and answers customers’ queries, without the need for human intervention. You can get almost all your questions answered by Chat-bots.

These messages are retrieved instantly.You can get a fair idea of what the customers or clients feel while doing business with you. Feedback of customers are also recorded through the instant messaging system.

iii) The Twitter Magic

Paul Maxim sells universal socket set products online and notes “Twitter has an inbuilt tool named Snap chat. Here, the video advertisements will only run for 10 seconds. Customers who badly want to get products from you, have to view the ads, within the limited time frame. The one who craves for buying your products or services will fall for this marketing plan.”

Lisa Jarrod runs the social media for this assisted living chicago service and this lawn turf company and notes “Distribute your content among multiple channels in Social media. You need to drive to a strategy where you post organic social material across various channels of Social Media. This way, even if one social media channel ignores your blog, the other channels can encourage your blogging site in a significant way.”

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